Saptannoyi Crest

Saptannoyi Crest

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Two Quality Highlights from Saptannoyi's 2nd Issue

Saptannoyi's 2nd issue has featured many quality writings. It has been received quite well by the readers and enthusiasts in general. The feedbacks received so far have mostly been positive. The stories have been a standout and the poems sketch a different dimension. To add to that, the sketches/drawings have been in general, exceptional from an artistic point of view. Saptannoyi's editorial board is highly grateful to the authors and the artists for their invaluable contributions. Now, to highlight the magazine, two quality entries have been selected randomly to be published here:

1. Mrs. Soma Mazumdar's Bengali poem:

This poem has been received very well by the critics.

2. Mr. Goutam Halder's English Poem:                                                                                                

This poem has been noted for sending out a melancholic message in a beautiful way.

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