Saptannoyi Crest

Saptannoyi Crest

Monday, 2 December 2013

Saptannoyi: The Beginning

It all started with a simple idea to unfurl the creativity of human nature. Two people initiated the project in a city called Barrackpore. The month was June 2013. They thought of coming up with an annual publication, something that would publish creative writings and sketches and ultimately in August they came up with a project to start up a magazine. It took an extensive period of discussion about what would its contents be and what would be its name and other things related to it. On that day a memorandum was issued.


It took a couple of days to finalize the name of the magazine and address related queries. A further memorandum was issued on the 11th of August.

A month's work followed that memorandum and a provisional editorial board was tabulated. Members started to collect works from different authors and a few meetings were organized to address the proceedings. Then the hunt for a suitable printing press started. Other members were lackadaisical to enquire of the availability and interest of the printing presses in the city. Mr. S. Bhattacharya got in contact with an interested printing press. A memorandum right away followed that up.



The press was finalized soon and the founding members agreed to make Mr. S. Banerjee the Chief Editor instead of Mr. S. Bhattacharya citing the experience of the former in the field. A Facebook page of the magazine was made soon. One month later a memorandum addressed the progress.



Further works followed it, memorandums were issued, progress reports were printed to keep track of the overall procedure in a professional manner and a database to keep a track of the fund(s) of the magazine was built up. The process leading to the publication was running smoothly and a Facebook promotion exposed the name of the magazine to more people. The printing press Bhashalipi was finally set to publish the magazine in late December or early January.

Thus, Saptannoyi entered the domain of little magazines and was marked as a literary serial publication.


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