Saptannoyi Crest

Saptannoyi Crest

Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Vision of Saptannoyi Magazine

Saptannoyi is a literary serial publication, with the characteristics of a "little magazine", awaiting its maiden publication from Kolkata. Like any other quality "little magazine", Saptannoyi is interested in giving new and young writers a chance to showcase their flair in a comparatively large podium. However, the magazine does not discriminate against experienced and established authors. Its very first issue is iterated carefully after sorting out the better lot of the received submissions. Saptannoyi's Editorial Board ensures that the submissions sent through the e-mail are treated as seriously as the hard copies. In its first issue, it would also publish drawings from new artists.

Saptannoyi's Vision:

1. To promote an elegant sense of culture, literary flair and creativity amongst the people of West Bengal and beyond its geographical boundary.
2. To constantly endeavor to reach out to aid the new and struggling authors to showcase their flair at a larger podium.
3. To publish quality materials that contain the most fervid expressions of a human being in a bona fide manner. Also, to publish writing(s) that are socially, culturally and historically important to the present context.
4. To maintain harmony between English and Bengali works and publish them simultaneously within the two covers.
5. To strive in order to not make it some misleading propaganda based budget publication compromising the quality. Saptannoyi, at its best, is a publication made to reach out to the readers at a low cost. The publication is firmly against promoting certain names in a prejudicial manner.
6. To collect quality drawings from the talented and bright artists in the arc of its reach and preserve their skillful works in form of digital copies.
7. To never stop its constant endeavor to reach out and communicate with its readers, authors and enthusiasts over various topics.

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