Saptannoyi Crest

Saptannoyi Crest

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Saptannoyi's Response to Its Contributors

Saptannoyi magazine would have never seen daylight without the people who generously contributed with poems, articles, stories, drawings and more in its maiden publication. After its maiden exposure to International Kolkata Book Fair 2014, Saptannoyi is trying to gather opinions and responses from its authors and readers. All of the authors are extremely valuable to the magazine but some deserve special mention for their never ending enthusiasm: Mr. S. Banerjee, Mrs. M. Datta, Mrs. Soma Mazumder and more. Saptannoyi magazine has adopted a policy to provide complimentary copies to its authors including those who live outside Barrackpore. As of now, almost all of the authors have received their complimentary copies. The assistant secretary of this magazine's editorial board, Mr. S. Bhattacharya made the book posts with cover letters. Now, with a very positive response from its authors and readers, Saptannoyi is looking forward to expand its literary podium to reach out to more people out beyond its geographical location. The official e-mail address: is always available to contact, send queries, send works and more. Progress reports are regularly being issued and meeting are being held to discuss about the maximization of contributor-magazine interaction to enrich the 2nd publication which is tentatively set to occur in January 2015, preferably at any book fair including the International Kolkata Book Fair 2015.

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