Saptannoyi Crest

Saptannoyi Crest

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Initiation For Saptannoyi: The 2nd Issue

15th of May, 2014:

Saptannoyi's first issue was not a huge success or a huge disappointment. In fact, Saptannoyi had made a name among a fraction the most fervid readers of Bengali Literature. Its first issue was hastened a bit but never quite lacked the quality of expression; as some critics have pointed out. Since February 2014, the Editorial Board members for the first issue were busy to send the complimentary copies to its respective authors via book-posts. That process was completed in March. After a lay-off for a month or so, it is the time to look forward to the 2nd issue which is tentatively set to be published in early 2015. Indeed, to get published in the domain of little magazines was an achievement; but to continue this passion beyond the first issue would be a challenge; both artistically and economically. However, Saptannoyi is determined not to be manacled in the sole issue that has been published, it wants to make a name for itself and be available to a wider group of readers. The Editorial Board-I members would tentatively schedule an important meeting to discuss about the future of the magazine and there is no reason that Saptannoyi's publication would be discontinued. The official e-mail is always available for online submissions and constructive criticism by the authors, critics and readers. The work for the future would be initiated very shortly.

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