Saptannoyi Crest

Saptannoyi Crest

Sunday, 26 October 2014

An Update Regarding the Publication

Saptannoyi magazine is almost set to get printed in the coming days. Submissions are being collected and sorted out from the authors and artists and the best ones make their way on to the printing press. The past month has seen Saptannoyi getting submissions from different corners of West Bengal including Cooch Bihar, Uttar Dinajpur, Purulia etc. The newly formed 2nd editorial board for the 2nd issue is taking these positive signs to unleash a string of best efforts so that Saptannoyi's name can be heard and echoed at distant places.

Much promotion and advertising has been done in Facebook, Twitter and other sites on the Internet. In a nutshell, the general response from the readers and enthusiasts have been overwhelming. This time Saptannoyi will land its firm footprints on the Barrackpore Book Fair of December 2014 and the International Kolkata Book Fair of January-February 2015. After the ending of both the book fairs, Saptannoyi will find its comfortable place in the shelves of different Book Stores. To add something to this, there has been a planning to print a few Saptannoyi T-shirts which would be distributed among some of the readers but this plan is still a tentative one. All in all, Saptannoyi is set to reach new heights and make a profound impact on the minds of its readers.

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