Saptannoyi Crest

Saptannoyi Crest

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Saptannoyi Is Almost Ready to Be Published

It's the new year 2015. The month of January has seen a surge in temperature and the barometer is soaring up. The lowest point of it had been 292 K which is a surprise at the beginning of a new year historically in the lower parts of West Bengal. Also, there has been rains and clouds mixing up with the damp atmosphere and pouring down on several occasions. Office-goers and people on the streets have faced a difficult weather to adapt to. The chilly winter might return on its full glory very soon, as the weather station has concerned the people, and sweater-mufflers-shawls are set for a grand return to be donned by the mass. Amidst all the chasm in the society, socio-economically (and also politically), there are certain things that surely unite the Bengalis. Some of those are: triumph of the Indian Cricket Team, Poushmela, "Pithe-Puli" and other traditional Bengali winter foods and of course, little magazines.

Saptannoyi is one such little magazine which is expected to win many people's heart at the 2nd chance with its selection of fine writings and drawings. The production is nearly complete and it is expected to be published in no time. The 2nd phase of proof reading is currently in full flow. The processes are being fast-forwarded with absolute care to rectify any errors in the composition. International Kolkata Book Fair 2015 would be the grand podium where the 2nd issue would see daylight. Apart from that, some books stores and libraries would bear Saptannoyi's mark. It will be up to the authors, readers and enthusiasts to assess Saptannoyi's impact and worth on a wider scale. Things are shaping up quite well.

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